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IT Security in the Care Homes

Care Homes make their residents feel homely as well as secured without making them experience an environment like a hospital or medical unit. Care Homes should provide an open, welcoming, and pleasant environment for the residents and their families and visitors. However, for achieving this goal, Care Homes need to have an effective system for […]

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EHR Technology in community service

“Expected Versus Actual” of Community Services

Life often asks the most pertinent and valuable question, and that is – what are you doing for others? The answer lies in community services because there is no religion higher than humanitarian services. Community services are an example of human services. The community service mission is combining Care, Culture, Communication and Collaboration to make […]

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Top 8 Outcomes from the EHR in use

78% of all the office-based physicians report the use of a certified EHR, and 46% of report that they participate in a delivery system reform program. Of these, around 90% of them begin their use of a certified EHR. The shift of healthcare towards more patient-centered care has made it imperative to improve interoperability to […]

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Your Road-map to migrating to SharePoint

As with any migration strategy, it is crucial that businesses perform an initial analysis of the current IT infrastructure environment. Migration gets even trickier when it comes to SharePoint. To begin with, focus on those aspects that you are planning to move to SharePoint.

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Do you customize SharePoint using Visual Studio?

SharePoint as we know is a web based collaboration platform used to discover, share and collaborate content with an organization. Whereas Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft that includes a code editor and has a…

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On-premise Versus On Cloud – Microsoft SharePoint

Investing in technology solutions that provide agility with reliability and choice has become the key to sustainability in today’s ever changing business conditions. The ability to access information on the go is a workplace necessity.

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