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Community-Based Providers

We are designing outpatient management technology to enable community-based providers to work towards a healthier community.


A comprehensive picture of an individual’s treatment and its progress is imperative to deliver quality health care and improve outcomes. Our outpatient management software helps to get an accurate all-inclusive report of every patient at hand for coordinating care across multiple settings.  Our software for mental health allows individuals to connect with you irrespective of the care setting.

We create a role based EHR software for outpatient care management for behavioral health that helps simplify managing the daily clinical tasks while supporting coordinating services beyond the boundaries of the hospitals to improve billing and streamlining the procedure for claims.

We have developed built-in support for some of the critical components of care, including –


  • Group appointments
  • Long term events of maintenance
  • Tracking of progress of treatment
  • Documentation adherence for evidence-based practices


Our software ensures seamless billing functionality within the organization. It provides an efficient and easy navigation software for mental health for any clinical documentation or scheduling of appointments or reports any query and claims.


Our secure and user-friendly portal supports customer engagement within our outpatient management software that has seamless integration with your EHR. Our software’s mobile applications empower individuals with easy access to the necessary services while providing access to documentation wherever and whenever they require. The software also includes support for live healthcare visits while prioritizing special care during a crisis, encouraging organizations to expand care options.


We commit ourselves to achieve more value-based goals. We ensure every assistance we can provide you with to comply with regulations while managing complex models for billing that include –


  • Reimbursement of value-based payments
  • Shadow billing
  • Funding from non-profit grants


All this is now possible by way of our outpatient care management.


In this dynamic vista of behavioral health, we commit to ensuring an evolving outpatient management software to enable you to adapt progressively to any change.

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