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Case study


Bit2Sky successfully implemented a fully customized CRM solution for a not-for-profit organization working towards improving the quality of lives of people with disabilities. Our solution was based on Microsoft technologies and greatly helped improve the overall efficiency of the organization.


About the client

The organization is a not-for-profit organization that was founded to support the children with disabilities into mainstream employment in order to improve their quality of life and empower them to maximize their independence. Ever since its inception, this organization has grown exponentially and have expanded their services to accommodate the needs of people’s housing limitations too. With a vision that everyone should, regardless of disability, live a respectful life, trained individuals from this organization teach people various skills that are required to settle in and lead a fulfilling life.


Client Requirement

The rapidly growing organization required a suitable technology solution to efficiently manage the day to day operations. The existing solution was a ready-to-use template-like solution that was useful, but greatly fell short in a lot of areas. It was subscription based template CRM software that was priced yearly. Client wanted a fully customized solution with features specially tailored to suit their organization’s unique requirements.

  • To do away with the existing CRM solution.
  • Develop a customized solution based on client’s specific requirements.
  • Dashboard features to know all the important statistics at a glance.
  • Features that display the nursing care plans
  • Features for nursing assessments.
  • Customized features for critical incident reporting.



After analyzing the client’s very specific requirements, the Bit2Sky team proposed a solution using Microsoft technologies – specifically MS .NET and others such as MVC 4.2 and AngularJS.

  • A completely customized end-to-end CRM solution was developed using Microsoft technologies.
  • Migration of all the data from the old system to the new CRM based on Microsoft technologies.
  • Features were included for the ease of document sharing and collaboration among the various functions of the organization.
  • Features were also added to display the various nursing care plans that the customers could select from.
  • Nursing assessments could now be easily conducted and monitored from the application.
  • Critical incident reporting could be done instantly and efficiently.



As a result of the migration to a new customized CRM system developed by Bit2Sky, the client saw a significant difference in the way their organization operated.

Migrating to the new system gave them the following benefits:

  • Enhanced CRM features for managing their day to day activities.
  • Customized features – specifically tailored to cater to the management requirements of the organization.
  • After migrating to the new system the client saw a great improvement in the efficiency and productivity of the organization.
  • The project was completed within a short span of 10 weeks.

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Technology used:

MS .NET, MVC 4.2 and AngularJS

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