Health Document Center (AI/ML/Signature/Consent)

Comprehensive Clinical Documents for compliance, timely review, and updates.



Clinical documentation is the foundation of a patient’s medical record. It captures patient care record right from admission to discharge, and includes diagnosis, treatment, and resources used during their healthcare. When the documentation is complete, detailed and accurate it prevents the ambiguity and thereby improves communication between healthcare providers. However, in case of incomplete or inaccurate documentation the quality of patients care can be adversely affected leading to medication errors, longer duration of stay, inappropriate or no post-discharge patient follow-up or higher re-admission rates and increased care costs.


As healthcare providers, you have to go through a lot of pain in dealing with documentation and this affects your practice. There is, thus, an increasing need of health document center.

With our solutions we provide just the right help to alleviate your burden of dealing with various documentation and compliance processes. You can now focus better on providing excellent healthcare services. We believe in the fact that when the documentation is accurate and complete, it works wonders at telling a patient’s story and can even be helpful in improving patient care. This patient record can be useful in many forums, especially in the physician-to-physician communication.


Our solutions will help in automating certain specific time-consuming documentation processes with notifications. They will also reduce the turn-around time for the documentation processing. Our solutions also provide role-based permissions for secured and central document repository while connecting to other existing document repositories.


However, the patients’ privacy is our utmost concern while keeping the staff informed on the patient information.

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