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Coronavirus has been successful in breaking geographical borders, making it extremely difficult to work together and help others. It has become an arduous task to flatten the coronavirus curve across the world as the most populated countries are facing the hardest of the impact.

Adapting to the new normal

People are creating many new-normal with the spread of COVID-19. This includes work from home policies and trying to maintain daily operations remotely in every area of business trying to gain good productivity. Many of the healthcare organizations and health care providers have been working continuously towards the welfare of their local communities and their employees too! But maintaining operations in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic is becoming grueling day by day. Therefore, many hospitals and healthcare systems are evaluating new health information management (HIM) technologies and trying to maintain the social distancing norm via remote workplace protocols.

EHR and Operations management

The role of EHR and other automations in operations management is very crucial. While maintaining social distancing norms, it seems effectively useful to healthcare professionals and the general public. It is tempting as well as necessary to start accepting the new technology of EHR/RCM/PM. Every department right from scheduling an appointment to admissions to clinical consultations, medical prescriptions, billing, claims, compliance meetings and office administration can be organized with the help of this breakthrough technology while keeping social distancing as the top priority.

Streamlined Process

The effective management of the clinical, administrative, compliance and financial aspects of any healthcare physician or client is possible by integrating EHR/RCM/PM to organize its day-to-day operations. It helps create a digital pathway right from providing a service to receiving the payment and reducing the amount of time between these processes. The same will be helpful for the patients as well while getting healthcare round the clock. The EHR will streamline the whole process from the primary point of contact to the office visit, improving the efficiency, diagnosis, CPT code selection, saving time at the consultation, and billings.

At Bit2Sky, we have provided the most customized and streamlined patient health records while providing access to those healthcare providers who are involved in patient care. It is redefining healthcare through sophisticated technology and a complete all in one solution.

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