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Incident Reporting and Management

A secure online solution with configurable workflows to report and manage critical incidents at all the levels.


A mandate from the Joint Commission and Centers of Medicaid and Medicare services announced that all the states have to track adverse incidents and to report certain types of adverse incidents is a must. With the hospitals embracing sophistication through mobile strategies. They have armed the hospital staff, including physicians, with smart devices, making it easier to capture data and manage it more effectively.


Incident tracking, reporting, and management help to understand a potential professional liability claim. It means that you should track the incidents to understand their probability of ending up in a claim.

Our solutions focus on quality and safety management. It means that we manage the quality of the care and the safety of those who are in care so that you do not have to bother about managing any claims. The whole concept of incident reporting and management focuses on integrating patient safety management tools that help prevent any claims.


Thus, we provide real-time data-driven turnkey solutions for incident reporting and management that support configurable workflows. These workflows support reporting and managing critical incidents at the provider, individual, and state level.


Our secure online platform provides the following –


  • Notifications and alerts of any incident
  • Incident submission at the point-of-service
  • Tracking of any neglect, abuse, or exploitation
  • Investigation and follow-up management tools
  • Dashboard for quality assurance for any trending incidents

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