Inpatient Psychiatric Care

We design a detailed inpatient EHR for smooth transit of care.


Our inpatient EHR technology ensures a smooth transition from patient intake to discharge and aftercare by furnishing the staff with all the information they require. Our behavioral health and addiction treatment workflows also support scheduling for group patient appointments, detoxification programs, creating treatment plans, approval by the care team, and tracking compliance. The staff also manages automated orders for lab tests, any diet and isolation or moderation program, and so on. All of our EHR solutions support the much needed closed-loop medication management that includes entry of the order, verification by the pharmacy, and supplying and integration with automated disbursing medicines.

Our inpatient psychiatric care solution also helps in managing inventory, accounts, and billing processes. HIPPA, PACS, and HL7 compliant technology make sure that you follow the compliances that regulate data exchange format.


We understand that every care setting is unique in its way. Still, our technological experts are driven by a vision. They will collaborate with our clients to ensure that our psychiatric software focuses on helping you deliver adequate healthcare software to enable the ease of managing the activities.

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