Learning Management

“Be technologically proficient with our learning management system for imparting top-notch care delivery.”


Our LMS platform offers and supports various EHR training course categories like safety training, childcare, mental health, direct support professional, senior care, management and so on. These options will enable you to learn and understand multiple workflow styles, scheduling needs, and skill levels. We provide live as well as in-house training programs that make clinical and compliance training easy and affordable.


  • Creating a continuous EHR goal-based training timeline
  • Assessment of training requirement and users’ skill levels
  • EHR training team created to provide real-time hands-on EHR training
  • Choosing and addressing the right areas in which the users are deficient (Recent EHR enhancements, widespread support questions, operational efficiency training from the healthcare community, and survey data analysis) to achieve their EHR related goals


  • Assembling a training team with the use of key stakeholders
  • Assessing the amount of vendor support for training during and after software implementation
  • Collection of data, establishing training goals, creating a training plan and training timeline.
  • Identification of super users
  • Establishing training schedule, staffing, and location with training methods and style of instruction
  • Refining and adjusting the training program based on feedback received
  • Establishing post-implementation training objectives

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