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Medication Management

Quick access to medications and increase safety with flexible medication management.”


Our solution offers better individual care and regulatory compliance throughout the medication management process. The medication management module can produce a 50% to 75% reduction in staff labor hours associated with charting procedures and month-end record keeping. Most importantly, while the staff members focus on resident care and safety, this module eliminates paper-based record keeping and enhances the security of medication inventories, staff identification procedures, and individual safety.


For Caregivers

  • Error-proof medication administration
  • Proactive Alerts upon missing medications or care tasks
  • Facilities complete focus on Caring for individuals


For Individuals

  • Accurate Medication in the Right Dose
  • Right documentation, every time



  • Capture Medication history and include it as a part of the patient record to review previously prescribed medicines.
  • E-prescribing (electronic prescribing) eliminates the errors and risks associated with the handwritten and lost paper script.
  • EPCS – Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances
  • Interaction checking through auto-checking feature
  • Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders

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