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Our easy-to-use mobile solution allows you to view, share and create important clinical content, view schedules, capture images, and write E-prescriptions. Our solutions enable capturing charges between hospital and clinic. We also offer a true hands-free experience with an added speech-to-text feature. We maximize efficiency, improve patient care, and increase patient and healthcare provider satisfaction with our enhanced mobility feature.

Our mobile solution empowers your staff to capture more accurate data at the point of care, securely and efficiently. They can even download schedules every morning or throughout the day, add unscheduled services, easily schedule any future appointments, and securely access client data. Also, for every service, one can complete forms on a hand-held device or laptop, including capturing providers’ and clients’ signatures. We ensure that all the data is encrypted for security purposes and then transmitted and made available for either immediate or real-time review or processing, reporting, and billing. Our mobile solution plays a vital role in improving quality of life and healthcare in behavioral health for families, care providers, clients, and management.

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