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Referral Management

The right referral solution to manage patients better continuously with a dependable software.


You can now automate and integrate the process of referral management through our electronic referral management software. Our multiple referral networks aggregate and streamline the acceptance and rejection process while reducing your referral response time, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. Thus, an organization can process more referrals quickly, accurately, and efficiently with a few resources to manage.


Our referral management system helps gather data, providing important analytics and dashboards to support the organizations further to measure sources for referral, the patient program, and risk performance. Upon accepting the referral, the patient will pass the patient’s information to the EHR, thus creating efficient pre-admit workflows for the admission team. Moreover, the solution will provide consistent and reliable financial, operational, and performance reporting. It enables the providers to deliver more effective care coordination as well as the transition of care.

Our dynamic solutions for referral management help your teams customize tracking and incoming requests assigning essential follow-up tasks to team members and recording the real-time outcomes.


Our versatile solution will enable you for the following –


  • Collection of demographic information, referral source, caregiver or family information, and much more
  • Creation of assessments and surveys for incoming calls
  • Referral documentation for alternative resources or providers
  • Management of complaints, grievances, and concerns
  • Identification of trends that use comprehensive reporting tools
  • Managing electronic receipt of referrals. It further enables two-way communication with a referral source
  • Provides a risk-based logic to distinguish referrals for an automated decision of acceptance or denial
  • Integration with electronic health record to simplify the admission process
  • The use of data intelligence to provide dashboard views of program performance, staff productivity, and referral sources
  • Promoting confidence for risk-sharing


Some of the chief benefits of Referral Management solution are –


  • Quick and effective communication with referral partners
  • Better management of shared-risk programs by allocating accepted referrals to those programs
  • Reduction in the need for redundant data entry, thereby saving time and resources
  • Report outcomes return to the referral source

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