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Case study


Keeping up with the latest in web design, Bit2Sky developed a responsive website for a nonprofit organization. The website was built to render well on mobile devices with all screen sizes as well as desktops and laptops.

About the client

The Client is a not-for-profit organization that supports children with both developmental and intellectual disabilities. They also cater to the needs of senior citizens and provide them with all the necessary facilities so that they can live an independent life and perform routine tasks without too much assistance. With an aim to settle each individual – regardless of disability, into a respectful life with least dependency, The Client have successfully worked with a number of individuals.

Client Requirement

Client wanted an online presence and wished to create a website which displays all their areas of work. Client wanted to incorporate all the modern features so that the website could be appropriately viewed on the desktop as well as mobile devices. Realizing the importance of online visibility, the client wanted to be able to market their website.

  • A complete revamp of the website with unique looks and new features.
  • The website should render well on mobile devices of all sizes.
  • The website should display all their services online.
  • Create an online presence for their organization that will help in future promotional activities.


After analyzing the customer requirements, our team at Bit2Sky proposed a responsive 3.2 based solution so that the client gets website that was in accordance with the latest trends in the web world. HTML 5 and CSS3 were used to make the site responsive so that mobile users could conveniently access it from their smartphones.

  • Developed a completely new website with a modern look.
  • Included all the features necessary for creating an unparalleled online presence.
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 was used to make the website responsive so that users could access it via their smartphones too.
  • All relevant features for digital marketing were integrated into the website – a must have for any business or organization ‘online’.


As a result of the new web design and features developed by Bit2Sky, the client noticed a few distinct results:

  • The organization could effectively represent their services online.
  • The website was responsive and could display well on all screen sizes.
  • It included all the necessary features to establish an online presence.
  • The site was fully developed and made live in a short span of 6 weeks.

In today’s world where screen sizes vary with every new smart device in the market, it’s imperative for all businesses to ensure that their website is responsive so that it adjusts itself to fit the size of the screen! If you are looking for website design services or to completely revamp your existing site according to the latest design and development trends, let’s discuss your requirements in detail.

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