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Standing Committee

Manage standing committee operations via online solutions.


Our dynamic and unique standing committee online solutions are easy to access. With a backdrop of pandemic our online solutions also provide a remote access of the system to the external committee members to facilitate them through the steps  and procedures that are required to comply with the regular monthly meetings.

A mandate requires an establishment of a Human Rights Standing Committee by regulation – COMAR


Standing committee individuals as service providers that support individuals with developmental disabilities. Our solutions will help the standing committee to meet the following purposes and objectives –


  • To review the protocol of identifying, documenting, reporting, reviewing, and investigating incidents for ensuring compliance with the procedures of Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).
  • To monitor the protocol regarding incident management through a review of the implementation, identifying deficient practices, and suggesting necessary corrective measures.
  • To approve the behavior plans that use restricted techniques ensuring compliance with requirements of COMAR 10:22.04.03A and 10:22.10
  • To review, approve and establish the time frame for any restriction of a right in case it is not related to any challenging behavior according to COMAR 10:22.04.03A.
  • To review the licensee’s procedures and policies with their implementation to ensure adequate protection of human and legal rights for every individual served by us.

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