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State and County

Data-controlled technology for state and County healthcare providers.


We design solutions based on certified EHR technology that meets Meaningful Use criteria allowing you to qualify for various incentive payments under certain Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs. We support all the programs that come under State and County Health and Human Services organizations, including Vital records, Public health, Mental health, Substance use, Child and family welfare, Developmental disability, and Inpatient psychiatric care.

Our solutions enhance clinical, operational, and financial performances with improved outcomes by focusing on user satisfaction, excellent connectivity, better mobility, and proper care coordination.


We curate our certified solutions using powerful tools and services that target to improvise service for health care efficiently for public sector communities. Our software features unique functionality that includes robust data analytics dashboards and case management that is person centric. We have countless connections to labs, emergency departments, HIEs, jails, schools, reform centers, and many other resources, along with Medicare Part D NCPDP billing.

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