Training services

We provide a comprehensive EHR compliance training platform that eases technology adoption and ensures user satisfaction.


We offer several EHR training options designed to address various learning styles, scheduling needs, and a variety of skill levels. Our EHR training programs are readily available from implementation to post go-live. During execution, the EHR training looks into both standard and custom content for educating our users on the best known standard practices and workflows unique to their organization. After the go-live session, users can benefit from role-based courses and other certification programs offered online, onsite, and through sponsored events held across the country. If the need arises for more comprehensive training support, it can be supplemented through an in-house training department or otherwise wholly managed.

Our leading-edge learning management system (LMS) goes beyond technology training to offer access to extensive content libraries while supporting your staff’s continuing education needs. We aim to make our LMS platform easy and affordable to your team and provide clinical and compliance training to the clinicians with a lot of opportunities to gain CEU’s or clinical continuing education units.

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