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Managing transportation was a big challenge for a not-for-profit organization. The daily transportation needs for children and older adults with disabilities needed to be efficiently managed. Bit2Sky developed and implemented a technology solution that made the management of such transport needs easy and comfortable.

About the client

The Client is a not-for-profit organizations that provides a broad set of services catering to the daily needs of children with disabilities and senior citizens that require ‘assisted living’ for routine activities. The aim is to empower them to live a fairly independent – quality life. The organization also includes transport facilities that incorporate most of the day to day requirements of the elderly. For example, flexible transportation for shopping or doctor’s appointments, recreation or any such activities requires a one way trip, a round trip or a multi-stop trip. Client makes these trips easy, comfortable and convenient for them.

Client Requirement

This organization had very unique transportation demands and required an efficient facilities management system as well as vehicle management system to provide seamless services to the senior citizens in their organization. The existing system included extensive use of excel sheets that needed to be updated manually during each transport assignment. It was important that they track the vehicles, the drivers, schedule maintenance and note the travel kilometers as well as travel time. Client required a consolidated system to manage all this.

  • An automated system for facilities and vehicle management for seamless transportation of senior citizens.
  • Completely replace the existing use of excel sheets.
  • Vehicle inventory and tracking features.
  • Driver’s database and availability.
  • Features to save driver’s trip records and other such data.
  • Vehicle database that stored all the related information.
  • Vehicle maintenance schedules.


After carefully analyzing the client requirements, the Bit2Sky team proposed an integrated solution using Microsoft technologies – MS .NET and others such as MVC 4.2 and AngularJS.

  • A customized facilities management and transport management system was developed to replace the existing excel sheets.
  • Features to maintain vehicle inventory and appropriate tracking were included.
  • Features for maintaining driver’s records, trips and availability were also included.
  • Additional features for vehicle management that kept a tab on the vehicle maintenance schedules were incorporated in the software.
  • User friendly features were included so that anyone could use the software without a hassle.


After moving to the new facilities and vehicle management portal developed by the Bit2Sky team, the client saw a distinct difference in the way their organization operated.

Migrating to the new system gave them the following benefits:

  • They were able to manage transport in a systematic way.
  • They had all the information at hand and could make plans based on the available information rather than waiting for updates from drivers and transport managers.
  • All vehicles could be assessed in time and maintenance could be scheduled so as to keep them is excellent running condition – always.
  • The overall efficiency in the transport management department saw an exponential increase.
  • The project was completed within a short span of 7 weeks.

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Technology used:

MS .NET, MVC 4.2 and AngularJS

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