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Children and family services (CFS)

 Building and bringing together stronger families and robust communities


Several children and family service organizations experience numerous distinctive challenges including state reporting requirements, client confidentiality, and complex case management. We want to help the case managers and  social workers through our EHR platform by extending our support for better outcomes and simplifying the complexities of delivering exceptional care.

We want you accomplish your mission to deliver strong families within the communities you serve.

Our software is supportive of whole-person care through efficient functionality of case management. It simplifies administrative tasks along with the coordination of services.


You can depend on our technology, social workers, and case managers to have a complete view of individual family cases’ records. Our technological solutions are well equipped to manage kinship, foster, and adoption home information while enabling data collection with reporting for tracking placement stability and compliance for homes.


Our software simplifies your organization’s need to collaborate and integrate care with other care providers. We deliver real-time clinical management, reporting, and billing with the benefits of evidence-based practices such as multi-systemic therapy.


Our software is built to simplify the delivery of care and complex administrative tasks such as billing, reporting, and claims. It results in enhancing you and your staff’s focus towards providing families and children with valuable services they require to be happy, safe, and healthy.

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