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We believe in what we do and that drives us to excel

We are a software development and solution provider company that specializes in digital transformation & developing creative solutions for government, healthcare & commercial organizations. We provide domain experience, excellent engineering talent, disciplined best practices, and commitment to every project.


Our core values include building trust, taking meaningful action, creating best-fit solutions, and keeping ourselves strong so can keep our clients strong. These  values have served us and our clients well for decades. And they will continue to faithfully guide us into the future.


Our missions to simplify complex ideas into best-fit IT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives. And because we love what we do, our clients can trust us to be there for them, now and in the future. We enjoy technology and we’re passionate about it.


Our vision is to help create IT environment for client in which technology works seamlessly to help people achieve their goals. We’re determined to ensure our clients always get the tools that are best for them, whenever and whereever they need them.

The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.
Sean Gerety

Core Competencies


Agile/ DevSecOps


Process Automation


Cloud Infrastructure


Cyber Security


IT Strategy/ Planning


Artificial Intelligence


Product Development


Data Analytics / Enterprise BI


Design Thinking

Our Collaborative approach


Technique and approach are essential to achieve our goal of assisting organizations and individuals through the use of technology solutions. We follow the agile methodology as it leads to a better understanding of your requirements & timely delivery. We intend to demonstrate, through the expertise of years, that approaching managed service from a broad view results in greater accomplishment and more remarkable results for your company.

Why Choose Us

Bit2SKy strongly believes that - technology when implemented correctly can bring about a significant change in the way businesses work, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and giving you an edge over the competition! Our experts come with years of experience in various technologies and can implement the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions using Microsoft's top technologies as well as the cloud and other technologies.

Talk to us, it is easy

Are you looking to automate some of your time-consuming business processes? Do you want to see a significant improvement in your company’s efficiency and productivity? Let’s have a discussion.

Turn your ideas into solutions

If you believe that incorporating technology solutions into your company would help it grow, survive, and prosper, then make your dreams turn into reality today!

Technocrats at your service

Our technology consultants are here to help! We work with you to understand your business needs and transform them into long-term, sustainable & futuristic solutions.

We prove it everyday

Our technical team works persistently and consistently to ensure that businesses are in sync with the progress in the world of information technology. Our solution include leveraging he latest trends in technology and business success in this highly competitive market!

Our Clients


Empowering enterprises with technology solutions. Sustainable, futuristic business solutions that foster growth and success!


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