Our Approach

At Bit2Sky, we help you leverage technology to propel your mission of providing quality care to people with disabilities through custom software solutions that drive growth and efficiency. By utilizing the Design Thinking approach, we ensure that the UX of your solution is aligned to your business needs.

Here’s How We Do It

  • Step 1: Discover Your Needs

    We get to know you and your business with the goal of prioritizing your needs and defining your expectations. This allows us to understand exactly what your business needs are in terms of automation so you can spend more time to do what’s important – serving your mission.

  • Step 2: Develop Customized Solutions

    Once we get to know you, we get to work and develop the best software solution for your needs and goals. Our team of developers will start building custom software that fulfils all your requirements and expectations with clear communication at every stage.

  • Step 3: Integrate Successfully

    Since the software will be built to your needs, it will match and seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes to allow you to not only take advantage of the software’s benefits but also help smoothen the transition.

  • Step 4: Ensure Compliance

    We help organizations get ONC Health IT Certification. Our customized software solutions are HIPPA, PACS, and HL7 compliant so you have nothing to worry.

Why Choose Bit2Sky’s Custom EHR Software
Over Off-The-Shelf Software?

At Bit2Sky, our goal is to empower Behavioral Health & Human Services Organizations. This is why we customize our EHR software to your healthcare organization’s exact needs – while making sure that the solutions we provide are compliant so that you can focus on your work without a worry.

Here’s What You Can Do with Our Custom EHR Software

  • Make the Most of Microsoft Cloud

    We develop custom software solutions that harness the power of Microsoft cloud with a focus on collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Azure, SharePoint and Office 365.

  • Mimic Your Organization’s Workflow

    Our responsive software intuitively mimics your organization’s workflow to fit in with your healthcare organization in a way that best suits you.

  • Save Time

    With software built to your requirements, you will save time as it will be intuitive to your staff and processes, that means less configuration work and minimum training.

  • Ensure Information Security

    Our single sign-on feature eliminates the need to log in each time and remember various login details, thus, reducing the potential risk of lost, forgotten and weak passwords.

  • Be Certification Ready

    ONC-IT certifies EHR products that are compliant with their criteria. We help organizations obtain the ONC Health IT Certification for their EHR so they become eligible to receive incentive payments.

  • Adhere to Compliance Regulations

    Our HIPAA, PACS, and HL7 compliant software ensure safe & secure access to patient records with stringent measures for information sharing, audit & security.

  • Exercise 100% Control over Data

    You have the independence to control your software. Your EHR software can be easily modified and expanded as your business grows, technology evolves, and compliance changes.

  • Leverage High Scalability

    Our software solutions are hosted in a cloud environment, so it can be scaled to support the expansion of your business as and when required.

  • Get More for Less

    We address your organization’s pain points and customize our software for your needs at a flat cost, irrespective of the number of users or patients.

  • Deliver Better Care

    Our all-inclusive EHR System comes with customizable EHR templates that are essential to address emergencies in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

Advantages of Having Your EHR Product Certified

One of the best ways to ensure optimum utilization of your EHR product is by meeting the meaningful use criteria. This allows you to:

  • Qualify for incentive payments made by the U.S. Government
  • Efficiently capture and transfer information to aid patient care
  • Ensure that your EHR system is secure and can maintain confidentiality
  • Confidently work with other healthcare systems and share patient data
  • Adopt updated content standards and clinical vocabulary for the systematic recording and exchange of health information

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