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Health IOT Solutions

We offer excellent IoT solutions for providing quality Healthcare.


The Healthcare industry is on the path of change. Healthcare providers are making full use of IoT solutions or innovations by using electronic health records as a dynamic way to manage patient data securely and streamline and automate workflows. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 74% of physicians reported that healthcare IT management through EHRs had enhanced the overall patient care. The report further states that 29% are now ordering fewer tests due to the availability of previous lab results, and 41% are enabled to order more on-formulary medications.

An electronic version of patients’ medical history, EHRs are real time patient-centered records that allow access to information instantly and securely to authorized users. Any EHR of a patient must include all of the essential administrative, clinical data relevant to that specific person’s care by a particular care provider. It must further include demographics, diagnosis, progress notes, medications, past medical history, vital signs, laboratory data, immunizations, and radiology reports.


An EHR automates the access to information and can support various care-related activities either directly or indirectly through IoT interfaces, including evidence-based decision support, reporting of outcomes, and quality management. Any EHR system is built to go beyond the realms of standard clinical data collection in a provider’s office and can have a broader view of a patient’s care. Our healthcare IoT solutions meet the connectivity needs and facilitate meaningful use of EHR by healthcare providers to significantly improve both the quality and efficiency of patient healthcare.

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