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Why You Should Have a Digital Transformation Strategy in 2024

Why You Should Have a Digital Transformation Strategy in 2024

Digital transformation is the process of using technology to change how an organization operates, delivers value, and interacts with its customers, partners, and employees. It is not just about adopting new tools and technologies, but also about rethinking the business model, culture, and processes to become more agile, innovative, and customer-centric. Digital transformation is not...


How to get the most out of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft which adds to and includes the Microsoft Office product line.  This service consists of a number of products and service. If you are not using following, you might not be getting the most bang for your buck.   Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is...


Multi-Tenant Isolation in Azure SQL Database

HIPAA Security Rules Require the Implementation of Technical, Physical, And Administrative Safeguards for the Storage and Transmission of Electronic Protected Health Information. The multi-tenant isolation provides the benefits of shared Security and distributed cost benefits of shared resources without any performance losses.  We are going to focus on the tenant isolation options available in SQL...

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