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Client Profile

Electronic Medical Administration Records(eMAR) Application

Our respected client runs care homes for seniors, focusing on their health and happiness. They wanted to make a special computer program to manage medications better, showing their dedication to safety and good care.

Our customer is a non-profit organization that supports persons with impairments in leading more autonomous and satisfying lives. They offer many different kinds of help to anyone with disabilities.

Project Overview

Electronic Medication Administration Record(eMAR) Application Development

The Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) Application Development project aims to revolutionize medication management within our client's senior care facilities. With a focus on safety and efficiency, the project entails creating a cutting-edge digital platform to accurately record and manage medication administration for elderly residents. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, this initiative seeks to enhance the quality of care provided while ensuring adherence to strict safety protocols.

  • Digital Transformation of Medication Records
  • Enablement of Real-time Updates
  • Assured Data Security
  • Seamless System Integration

eMAR Implementation and Customization for Non-profit Organization Excellence

In our pursuit of excellence for non-profit organizations catering to the disabled, our eMAR application development stands as a beacon of innovation and dedication. With a client profile deeply rooted in providing compassionate care, our mission was to transcend traditional medication management systems and usher in a new era of efficiency and safety. Our electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) application addresses the challenges posed by manual records and lack of real-time updates and ensures data security and seamless interoperability.



Manual Medication Records

Our customer's manual, paper-based medication records presented difficulties because they were prone to mistakes and delays in medication delivery. Addressing the reliance on manual medication records, which are prone to errors and inefficiencies, hinders accurate tracking and administration of medications for residents.

Lack of Real-time Updates

Inefficiencies were caused by the need for real-time information for medicine delivery, making it more difficult to respond promptly to residents' needs. Overcoming the challenge of outdated or delayed information, impacting decision-making and potentially compromising resident safety due to the absence of timely updates on medication statuses.

Data Security Concerns

Guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of resident prescription records was crucial. Navigating concerns surrounding the security and confidentiality of resident health information stored within the system, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and safeguarding against unauthorized access or breaches were also important.


One major problem was the requirement for seamless connection with other databases and healthcare systems, like Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Tackling issues related to interoperability between different systems or software used within the organization, ensuring seamless integration and data exchange to facilitate efficient communication and workflow across departments.

Technological Implementation

Technological Implementation



We developed an easy-to-use user interface that makes data entry and navigation for medicine administration simpler using HTML5, CSS3, and Angular. Focused on user experience and interface design, the front-end development ensures intuitive navigation and accessibility, enabling users to interact seamlessly with the application.



The eMAR application was constructed on a secure and core foundation to guarantee dependable data processing and system performance. The system's backbone, back-end development, encompasses the architecture and functionality that powers the application, handling data processing, logic, and integration.



We used an effective and safe SQL database to store and manage resident medication records. The database component is central to data management and stores and organizes critical information securely, that the retrieval and manipulation of data for the various application functionalities is carried out in an effective manner.



Encryption, access restrictions, and HIPAA compliance were the methods that we utilized to safeguard healthcare information. In order to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry laws, it is necessary to use encryption, access controls, and undergo frequent audits for this client.

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