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Empowering Healthcare Facilities with Advanced Incident Reporting and Analysis

Incident Management for Enhanced Care and Safety

Our client, a top-tier mental and behavioural healthcare provider in the United States, is committed to delivering state-of-the-art operational technology and electronic health record solutions to hospitals, ancillary providers, and assisted living organizations. These solutions are vital tools for efficiently collecting, processing, and analyzing clinical data, including patient records, treatment details, and medication information.

Results Achieved

The work of our team significantly increased the organization's operational effectiveness and patient care provision:

  • C#
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Entity Framework
  • Angular

Incident Management for Healthcare

Our client, a leading provider of operational technology solutions in the United States, recognized the need for a robust Incident Management module tailored for assisted living facilities. Partnering with Bit2Sky, our team developed a comprehensive solution covering areas such as medication incidents, accidents, and resident safety. Leveraging technologies like C#, Azure SQL Database, Entity Framework, and Angular, our Incident Management module enables healthcare providers to efficiently record incidents, conduct thorough investigations, and communicate seamlessly with care teams.



Our client realized they needed a robust Incident Management module for their software tailored for assisted living facilities. They aimed to help their healthcare partners easily create electronic records of incidents, especially accidents, and quickly alert their care teams. Recognizing the challenge, our client chose Bit2Sky, an experienced healthcare software development partner, for their expertise in tackling this task.

Solution: Incident Management Module

Bit2Sky's Incident Management module covers four key areas: employees/visitors, medication incidents, accidents, and residents. It includes several smaller modules that address specific needs:

Medication Incidents

Medication incidents include what caused the incident, any effects seen or reported, the patient's vital signs, immediate actions taken, and who is handling the situation. Users can also send notifications to the patient's family or care team. Different types of medication incidents are covered, like giving the wrong medication, using an expired medication, giving the wrong dose, or when controlled substances go missing.


Patient events include staff disagreements, resident encounters, and accidents. When, type, who observed it, injuries, patient vital signs, and involved parties are recorded by employees. Investigating a new accident record reveals its cause, perpetrators, and prevention methods. Aggressive behavior, unauthorized patient departure, abuse allegations, falls, resident-staff tensions, and therapy delays can cause accidents.


Users can thoroughly review incidents and take necessary actions in this software section. This includes sending notifications, figuring out what factors caused the incident (like medical issues or things in the environment), deciding on actions to fix the problem, and planning how to follow up with the patient and prevent similar accidents. Plans may involve helping patients, preventing falls, or making the surroundings safer.

Results Achieved

Results Achieved

The Incident Management module helps users easily record incidents electronically, investigate them carefully, and quickly communicate with the care team. This simple way of dealing with incidents helps make plans to prevent and reduce accidents, ensuring residents are safe and well-cared for.

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