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The industry that deals with managing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing medical disorders is known as healthcare. It involves a range of experts, institutions, and technological tools that collaborate to raise the standard and accessibility of healthcare. Bit2sky provides specialized software development and design services for various healthcare applications, including patient portals and electronic health records.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

Digital copies of a patient's medical history, diagnosis, course of treatment, prescriptions, and other information are called electronic health records, or EHRs. They allow medical professionals to easily and safely access and exchange information. Bit2sky has extensive expertise in creating and implementing EHR-based secure and effective solutions. Additionally, We also provide enabled care with Iot medical devices.

# Integrate IOMT Solutions with Healthcare Systems

# Robust Healthcare IoT Solutions

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

A web-based technology called a patient portal enables patients to access, supervise and manage their medical records, including appointments, prescriptions, test results, and more. It also allows online communication between patients and healthcare practitioners. Bit2sky uses the capabilities and strength of the patient portal to develop creative and astute solutions for medical needs. We provide enabled care with Iot medical devices.

# IOT Based Patient Staff Tracking

# IOT based Components of a Smart Hospital

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