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Operation for a Leading Construction Products Manufacturer

Sharepoint Document Management Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

Our client, a big US manufacturing company, focuses on construction materials like sandwich panels and insulation boards. They're respected for their quality and innovation and lead the industry. The SharePoint DMS solution helped them tackle challenges and boosted their efficiency and staff involvement. This shows their commitment to using technology to excel and compete in manufacturing.

Streamlined Document Lifecycle:

Automated approval workflows greatly optimized document-driven business processes.

Enhanced Employee Engagement:

The DMS's social aspects promoted a lively and involved work environment.

Boosted Productivity:

The DMS solution increased overall productivity and strengthened the client's position as an industry leader by providing streamlined access to critical company content and systems.

Technologies and Tools

  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Forms

Operational Challenges

We're helping healthcare groups innovate and improve patient care using advanced document management and teamwork.Leading the charge in utilizing technology to enhance patient care and operational efficiency is our customer, a prestigious healthcare institution. Their dedication has led them to start a significant journey with SharePoint, customizing it to fit their unique healthcare requirements.

Document Management:

Centralizing document management, expediting the document approval process, and streamlining document-driven business operations were all urgently needed.

Document Integrity and Security:

It was critical to guarantee the authenticity and safety of authorized papers inside the company.

Tailored Solution: SharePoint Online DMS

To tackle these issues, the client chose SharePoint for their document management systems (DMS) and partnered with Bit2Sky, a leading provider of SharePoint document management solutions, to lead the effort. The project was finished in six weeks, representing a significant change in their operational management.

Customized Approval Workflows

Using Microsoft Power Automate, Bit2Sky's skilled team created four single-approver workflows that improved document approval procedures and secured approved documents with read-only access.

Custom Electronic Forms

Two forms with organized field sequences and the client's branding were designed for payroll management and employee information, and one for HIPAA requirements, in response to the client's desire for bespoke solutions.

Seamless System Integration

Rapid connections were made between SharePoint DMS and the client's social media accounts, ERP system, and other necessary technologies, guaranteeing simple access to vital information.

Workflow Template Development

Employee efficiency was increased by providing a workflow template that made it simple for staff members to set up standard document procedures.

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